I began developing my first products as a young child, playing in the bathroom with the forgotten bottles of perfume and detergents living in the backs of cupboards.  As an adult I discovered that every ingredient was special and had its own story; it came from it’s own unique place, where it was grown in the dirt and harvested by a human and would often times travel very far to come into my possession.  These unique stories taught me that the source and quality of each ingredient would define my health and my impact on the planet and I learned how to refine my choices in the food I ate and the products I bought to slather on my skin.  Then, in 2010, I made my first batch of topical products, signed up for my first herbal studies class and began my journey as a product formulator and herbalist.  As these two professions evolved side by side over the next 6 years, my knowledge of whole plant medicine fused with my topical formulations in the resulting product line KaliBean.  I am am now Lab Manager and Medicine Maker at The California School of Herbal Studies, and I am developing and producing products for cosmetic companies nationwide. 


I am devoted to a life defined by what I find growing in the soil and fueled by synthesizing these

organic components into accessible healing potions for humans.    


Colleen is simply a wonderful, very special person. With KaliBean, she has created something really unique and inspirational, true to being as natural and organic as possible, and resulting in an amazing full range of skin care products she's built from with her own two hands. I started using KaliBean about five years ago due to problem combination skin. My skin immediately cleared up and became noticeably balanced. Now I can't live without my KaliBean essentials and recommend the products to anyone interested in natural skin care, trying something new, or just trying to take better care of their skin. Colleen is also my go to expert on herbs and natural remedies. I fall in love with anything formulated by her!


This is the first natural skincare product I've used and by far it's the best compared to all the chemically stuff I've used in the past. For a small amount, it also lasts for a long time, I went thru other stuff really quickly...I used to have acne before using KaliBean and now it's HIGHLY rare for me to get pimples, even when my hormones change.

T. White, San Francisco, ca.

I'm an aging woman who has spent a lot of time in her youth not taking care of her skin and loves to be in the sun.  As I mentioned above your products feed and nourish my skin.  I've used your skin care kits for about a year now and I've noticed a great difference in how my face is looking as well as how my skin feels.  No oily oily shine...just a healthy glow.  In reading about you on your site and meeting you at Treasure Island I feel you are a very dedicated woman really loving what she does and is in tune to making a really fine product.

J. thom, Lower lake, ca.